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Made with Love For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day, on Sunday May 10th,is just around the corner. I have been a daughter for over 50 years, a mother for over 35 years and now a grandmother for over 5 years. I have given and received countless gifts over all these years.

The most memorable and probably the least expensive were gifts made for me or by me.

I cherish the ceramic plate with painted stick figures and the names of all my kids.

Painted Pottery

Painted Pottery




Or the afghan I knit for my mother several years ago that she still uses when she watches television

Knit a heirloom

Knit a heirloom

My daughter loves the little photo album I made of her family of the previous year. Now I just do a new one each year.

I am thrilled to have a wonderful playlist that my youngest son burned for me of my favorite music, which I now listen to on my iPod.

This year for all my daughters I made a recipe book of our family’s favorite recipes including those of my dear mother in law, Grandma Gert, who died several years ago but lives on through her wonderful and delicious recipes, which otherwise would have been lost.

Or the gift of time by a son who helped his grandmother learn to use an Apple computer for the first time.

All simple, affordable and preciously made with love.


Favorite Family Recipes

Favorite Family Recipes













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Hip Hop Granny


T.I. Paper Trail, genre Hip Hop

T.I. Paper Trail, genre Hip Hop

I am riding the 4 train from Wall Street up to 86th Street and the train is not crowded. I am sitting across from about six people none of which was over 30 years old. I settle in for my ride, plug in my iPhone earphones and begin listening to my music. I keep adjusting the sound, too low. All of a sudden I notice all the people across from me laughing and trying to overt their eyes from me. I realized that my earplug jack was not in all the way and the train could hear my music. I asked if they were laughing about the earphones or the  fact that Urban Granny was listening to Paper Trail by T.I. Can’t grannies love hip hop?

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Subway People


Part of living downtown is that using the New York subway system is a must. This daily activity of using the NYC transit system can be a quick and easy way of transporting around the city or it can be a nightmare. One thing is certain, you will have a story to tell.

Living at the crossroads of Wall Street and Broad Street makes me feel that I live in NY Central. I can get to virtually every part of New York, almost every line can be had from lower Manhattan. We now go to so many different parts of the city, this never happened when we lived uptown. Now for the subway story of the day.

Yesterday I had the delightful pleasure of meeting my daughter-in-law for a quick lunch and to help her pick out blinds.  No problem…. I rode the 4 up to 59th and changed to the 6 to get off at 68th. We were meeting on 67th. It was an easy trip with plenty of seats at 11:45 a.m when I started my trip.

I was so pleased and happy as I made my way back after lunch a picking the blinds.

We walked down to 59th and we decided to take the local 6 since she works in the twenties and had to get off on 23rd. To our surprise it was the most crowded early afternoon 6 either of us had ever been on. Thenimg_0231 it was announced it was to make only express stops to City Hall. Sarah got off at 42nd to switch to an actual 6 and I stayed on deciding to switch to the 4,5 at City Hall. There was no room to sit, we had been pressed against the door. Then it happened, the man next to us took out a comb and started to  comb his straggly beard. He combed bending over into those of us standing, oblivious to our disgust, What could he have been thinking? This is now placed close to the top of my awful subway rides.

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