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2 1/2 Seater

I often wonder if there is a method to riding the subway and securing a seat on a crowded train? You get on, eyeball whether a seat is available and check out if you can squeeze into it or not?

I was riding downtown on the 4 train around 3 pm on a Tuesday. The train was chock full.There sat a man, large but not overly so, taking up not only his seat but maneuvering his body to take over another 1½ seats. That’s not the surprising thing, you see that all the time.

What is surprising is how no one wanted to challenge this rude behavior. This is behavior that some people feel entitled to. Like at the Union Square movies, seeing the top box office hit on a Saturday night, putting your coat and shopping bag on the seat next to you and then daring some one to ask  you to move it.

As the train continues making its stops down from 86th street the car gets more and more crowded and the man does not move and no one asked him . The woman next to me eyed me and we raised our eyebrows in disbelief.

Finally at 14th street a middle-aged woman boarded the train, moves through the crowded aisle, looked straight at this hog of a man and asks him to move, very politely!

With that the entire row opposite them broke  into applause as she sat down and smiled.

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