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The Winner is my grandmother’s Creamy Vaseline


My  Medicine Cabinet

My Medicine Cabinet

I am a product junkie. No question about it, just checkout the inside of my medicine cabinet.  I am not loyal to a brand and usually not too cost conscious. I find my products from a multitude of sources including doctors, ads, word of month and good cosmetic sales people in department stores. Winters in New York are especially harsh on your skin and fighting dryness is a full time job.


City Hall on a miserable New York Night

City Hall on a miserable New York Night


 This winter I tried several different products ranging from the high end Kiehls Crème de Corps ($44.50 for 16.09oz.) at Bloomingdales, the in between Eucerin ($12.50 for 16.9oz.) at Duane Reade, and CeraVe ($20 for 16oz.) to the low-end tube of Creamy Vaseline ($3.50 for 4.5oz.) at CVS.

My dermatologist recommended CeraVie worked well but did not feel rich nor did it give me a day’s full coverage. Crème de Corps, a forever-popular Kiehls’ product, is very rich, has good staying power but stains everything it came into contact with a dull yellow. Eucerin, recommended by the druggist, is a good sturdy product that does work but doesn’t feel very good going on and has questionable staying power.

Creamy Vaseline, recommended by my grandmother years and years ago, is inexpensive, has all day staying power, feels rich going on and does not stain.   Plus as they say “a little dab will do it”. It has a luxurious feel and marvelous for your skin(and feet). So the winner of my winter test is the plain ordinary Creamy Vaseline.  You can buy Vaseline just about anywhere and it proves that sometimes the old tried and true is the best of all.


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Featured Products


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