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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

So there is a recession.  The economy is the worst it has been since the great depression and we hear about it from every news source on a minute-to-minute basis. The stress level is off the charts and we worry about our jobs or our kids’ jobs.

The Dow Jones plays like a yo-yo, of late hovers around the 8,000 mark and we are all ecstatic about it.

Everybody I speak to has made adjustments in their spending habits. We look for cheaper comfort food when we go out; we eat home more often and feel lucky that the little black dress from 3 years ago still fits. Perhaps with a little pink cardigan it will look updated?

I know that most of all I have become a discount shopper. I am looking for that great sale, bargain or 25% off coupon. FULL PRICE, not on your life right now. Not even good for the psyche at this point.

That is why I was so delighted to receive a discount coupon in the mail from Madame Paulette, one of the best dry cleaners in New York City. I am very careful when sending a garment to them as I call them the JEWELER. The clothes are guaranteed to come back beautifully done and the packaging beyond belief. So even Madame Paulette the “jeweler” of all cleaners is offering their Spring Ahead promotion of a $100 VIP Discount.

Now hold onto your hats. To receive this discount all you need to do is to “Invite Madame Paulette “ to spring-clean your yacht or private aircraft (homes too). Now that’s a bargain.


Your Yacht?

Your Yacht?

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