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Fabulous Very Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

clear_logoGive a Clear Membership. I have one and love it. Any person who travels a lot will find that a Clear Pass speeds them through security and places them at the very front of the security check lines at most US Airports. Even if you are a priority traveler the individualized service of a Clear Representative cannot be beat.


I also just received my Global Entry verification this week, it allows me to use a special kiosk when entering the US from abroad rather than standing in a passport line. This maybe more difficult a gift but definitely worth try.


Save Kahki

Save Khaki

If you need a gift for a son, son- in -law or father and a one stop shop is the most convenient for last minutes then go to Save Khaki. There are two locations, one in NOHO and one on the LES. There is classic casual clothes at all price ranges with more personality than some of the other choices around.


Happy Father’s Day

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